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Air Compressor Repairs in Atlanta GA



Ozen Compressors

 A compressed air system is the most important component of today’s manufacturing industry. A correctly sized and maintained compressed air system provides a constant supply of dry compressed air to the manufacturing facilities end using equipment to produce a product. From the small auto shop to the industrial paper mill. The compressed air system is considered the heartbeat of the operation.  When a system is neglected, incorrectly sized or designed the compressed air system quickly becomes a huge expense to the operation. 

 It is understood in the compressed air industry that the life expectancy of an air compressor is between 10-15 years depending on environment, technology and how well the system is maintained. When aging machines or components are past their life expectancy. Costly repairs and loss of efficiency is strongly expected. Compressor technology and capabilities in today's compressed air industry have far surpassed the technology from the past decade. Creating a leaner more efficient compressor and system than was attainable a decade ago. Moving from the old electro pneumatic compressors from the 1980, s to the robust VFD drive machines of today.

Ozen Air compressors deliver todays cutting edge compressor technology combined with premium compressor components. Combined produce a very reliable and efficient air compressor at a affordable price. Backed with a Troya 5-10 year warranty depending on belt or direct driven application. Ozen Air Compressors Will exceed customers expectations of reliability and efficiency. 

 Ozen Air Compressors are designed to operate in the worst of environments. Equipped with oversize coolers and new cooling technology. Ozen compressors are proven to withstand harsh climates and environments. 

Troya Warranty

5  year belt driven machines

  •  Year 1        Bumper to  bumper 
  • Years 2-3    Major components parts/labor
  • Years 4-5    Air end parts only 

10 year direct drive machines

  • Year 1         Bumper to bumper
  • years 2-5    Major components parts/labor
  • years 6-10  Air end parts only 

TROYA warranty requirements

  • Service performed by Southern State Compressor using OZEN direct parts and ZenLube Troya lubricant
  • Oil sample analysis every 2000 hours
  • Services completed on correct schedule set by manufacture