Free oil sample analysis with the purchase of SSC-ultra- 46 10k hour lubricant

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Southern State Compressor Services

Southern State Compressor provides an wide array of services. From the basic reciprocating air compressor to the high horsepower range rotary screw compressor of any brand. We customize our preventative maintenance plans to meet our customers needs and demands. Even though we stride to prevent machines and system components of failure. When a failure does arise Southern State Compressor will identify the problem and return the machine to operating condition as soon as possible.

Preventative Maintenance

Southern State Compressor provides a thorough preventative maintenance approach. With this approach we believe most potential problems can be identified during our service and corrected before the compressed air system fails. We understand the compressed air system is a valuable asset to our customers and with a malfunctioning system it can lead to costly loss of production. Preventing these occurrences is our top priority.  Specializing in

  • OZEN
  • Schulz
  • Ingersoll Rand
  • Sullair
  • Quincy
  • Gardner Denver
  • Mattei
  • FS Curtis
  • Kaiser
  • Boge


  • Desiccant Dryers EH,HBP, etc (all brands) 
  • Refrigerated  Dryers (all brands)
  • HOC (heat of compression) dryers


  • specializing in providing compressor parts and lubricants for any brand compressor or system component


  • Providing premier service and repair on any make and model Vacuum system 


  • Installation of complete compressed air systems including condensation management


  • SSC offers a wide array of new compressors and dryers to accommodate any compressed air systems including air treatment dryers and system components 


Free oil sample analysis with the purchase of SSC-Ultra-46 10000 hour universal compressor lubricant.

About Us


Southern State Compressor Services

Southern State compressor offers a top level service provided by highly skilled technicians. Our service and parts rates are very competitive in comparison of the market. Customer satisfaction is of our highest priority. We can fully support any brand of compressor and system component. We offer competitive parts pricing for any brand as well.


Parts specialist

Southern State Compressor offers a large selection of Air Compressor parts and lubricants for any air compressor and system component. Our products are of the highest quality and most times at a lower cost than OEM. Contact us today for a parts quote. Please have the machines model and serial number available when contacting.


Why Southern State?

Why Southern State Compressor?

Our service team is equipped with a wealth of combined knowledge of the compressed air industry. We stride to be the best in the industry and leaders in customer service. We understand our customers are valued pillars of our foundation and are held in high regard in our core principles.  Our team is equipped and ready to solve your most frustrating compressed air problems. Please contact us today to assist in creating the most reliable compressed air system as possible for your operation.

Compressed Air Treatment


Compressed Air Dryers

Compressed air dryers are a critical part of the compressed air system. Removing moisture from the air system from dewpoints ranging from 34 degree F to  -100 degree F depending on which dryer type is installed. Mechanical refrigerated dryers can achieve around + 32 F and desiccant dryers around -100 F when sized correctly and installed in suitable environments. SSC offers a large selection of refrigerated and desiccant dryers. Call us today for a quote.

Compressed Air Filtration

Contaminated air delivered from either the air compressor itself or pulled in from the environment and transferred through the compressor to the system can cause multiple problems for your compressed air system and the end use of the air. Having adequate filtration to filter such contaminates is crucial in a compressed air system. SSC offers a large selection of inline filters to prevent such problems. 

Condensation management

While correctly sized and functioning air dryers are crucial to a compressed air system. Condensation removal is equally important. Clogged or failed condensation drains of the compressed air system can overload dryers causing dew points to rise and de rate the dryers capacity. Compressor drains, wet tank drains and filter drains are responsible for removing up to 70% of the 100% of moisture from the compressed air system. SSC offers a large selection of electronic drain valves and pneumatic drain valves.


Oil flooded compressors will pass a certain amount of oil to the condensation removal system. Depending on the health of the oil/air separator, environmental conditions, oil temp, and load function. This oil/ condensation makeup is then discharged through the compressed air systems drains. Under EPA,S "CLEAN WATER ACT" In most cases it is required that such oil contaminated condensation is filtered before being allowed to be discharged to the ground. SSC offers a large selection of oil water separators to accommodate this issue.

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